Governor’s Executive Order 2020-35 Closes K–12 Schools to Protect Michigan Families During COVID-19 Pandemic

LANSING, MI—The Whitmer Administration today announced the closure of all Michigan public schools for the duration of the 2019-20 academic year, coupled with a move to provide distance learning for all students. The action is expected to help safeguard state residents as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Following this announcement, Launch Michigan—an unprecedented partnership of business, education, labor, philanthropy, and civic leaders working together to improve K–12 education in our state—issued the following statement:

“We are living in extraordinary times, and it is essential for all of us to remain united as Michiganders as we work through these extraordinary measures,” said Launch Michigan president Adam Zemke. “We give Governor Whitmer a great deal of credit for the thoughtful way she is handling this public health emergency, and for her efforts to help ensure all Michigan students can keep learning even when it’s not possible to be in a traditional school setting.

“As we begin helping local districts meet the Governor’s objectives, Launch Michigan is relentlessly committed to two principles: equity of quality educational experiences for all children, and transparency for educators, families and community members. Working together, we will help provide the practical, policy, and corporate/philanthropic support Michigan students need so they lose as little ground as possible over the next six months.

“Looking to the future, we are committed to creating major components of the 21st century K–12 infrastructure our children deserve—solutions that will close the equity gaps that exist all over our state, as this crisis reminds us. This work will be even more important as we are able to reunite students with professional educators.

“During challenging times, we see the amazing things people and institutions can do if they work together. This is Michigan’s hour, and we are ready to help deliver for our children.”