Helping our state improve academic performance by identifying, replicating and scaling effective practices


Michigan needs a formalized, statewide system that helps educators implement research-based, proven strategies that can help boost student performance.

There are currently several districts and vendors in Michigan that are producing best practices, but these are not collected, independently validated or brought to scale outside of their originating district or vendor. Moreover, K-12 educators often aren’t being provided with the professional development they need to choose and implement them.

The Michigan Center for Education Research and Implementation (MCERI) is a new statewide organization that can help improve the situation. It will exist as a partnership between the Center for Educational Performance and Innovation (CEPI) and a second non-governmental organization until this work can be moved to the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) at some point in the future. Its direction will be determined by a steering committee comprised of practicing educators, regional service support staff, and academic researchers—all of whom are doing various elements of similar work already but are not continuously linked.

MCERI will help lead the replication and scaling of best practices in instruction, administration, and student supports. These changes can help Michigan:

  • Become among the fastest improving states in the nation in academic gains for all student groups
  • Close achievement gaps based on income, race, geography, language, gender and student need
  • Prepare every student for success after high school.

MCERI will accomplish this by identifying, evaluating through longitudinal study, disseminating and incentivizing the adoption of best practices. The organization will collaborate with—and gather the expertise of—educators, academic researchers, and other subject matter experts in Michigan and nationwide.