We cannot hope to build prosperity, nourish a thriving talent pipeline, or end generational poverty cycles unless the people of Michigan unite around effective strategies and investments that support our children.

That is why we at Launch Michigan have chosen three simple core priorities to underlie all our work: (i) preparing graduates, (ii) ensuring rapid improvement, and (iii) closing equity gaps. 

Our intention in phase one is to begin the hard work of building more equity into our system with a strong first step towards student-centered funding, and a focus on the most fundamental building block of learning: reading. 

Right now, our phase one recommendations are 100% focused on tackling Michigan’s most acute needs:

  • Create an Equity Fund with an initial focus on literacy in grades K–3 at a minimum. Within this fund, enact multipliers for poverty and geographic isolation.
  • Hold all districts harmless so resources do not fall below current levels.
  • Create a district-driven strategic planning process to ensure that resources are able to be directed to where local schools determine they are experiencing the greatest need.

In the future, we’ll go further to develop and implement critical revenue strategies, support Michigan’s gaps, address early childhood education, and ensure a robust and thriving pipeline of educators.