Building Greater Lansing’s Talent Pipeline (Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce)

By October 1, 2018Media Coverage

From the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce

October 1, 2018

Business leaders continue to identify talent as their most challenging issue, not only today, but for the foreseeable future. Our region’s ability to provide and attract necessary talent that meets the needs of job providers in the 21st century may be our most important economic growth strategy. That is why the Lansing Regional Chamber has established talent initiatives as one of its key strategies.

This month’s cover story identifies a very important and often overlooked talent pool that has the potential to enrich organizations in many ways. People with disabilities and military veterans have much to offer in terms of their skills and ability to produce, and from the standpoint of helping to build a culture of diversity and inclusion.

One of the Chamber’s most important programs in recent years is Leadership Lansing, which is designed to help equip the next generation of community leaders. We are launching our fourth Leadership Lansing cohort in October. We have had 112 outstanding leaders go through the program in the first three years, with another 42 enrolled in year four.

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